To Top and Kyle Ng Explore the depths of Streetwear with ‘Social Fabric’

Fuse Media has teamed up with Streetwear designer Kyle Ng for new series Social Fabric.

In fashion, some of the most creative minds come from the streetwear community. Virgil Abloh, Gosha Rubchinskiy, and  Supreme are some of the most notable designers at the moment that have fractured the stratosphere of fashion.

Streetwear and the culture within are more than just a fly-by-night section of the current culture; it is a part of the fabric of what makes fashion such a unique form of art.

In a statement released by Fuse media, J-T Ladt CCO of Fuse spoke about the importance of fashion as it relates to culture and why this project was something which Fuse wanted to invest.

“Not only is fashion one of the biggest driving factors for millennial culture, it’s directly influenced by musicians and artists that represent the Fuse Media brand,” said J-T Ladt, chief content officer for Fuse Media.

If the name Fuse sounds familiar it is because they are a multimedia entertainment business spanning television, radio, and the web. Most notable being their video on demand service. They also produce the wildly popular and hilarious Big Freedia Bounces Back, the reality show following the life and career of the “Queen of Bounce” New Orleans’ own Big Freedia.

Fuse, which identifies itself as a brand for the “multicultural youth” already has it’s hand in the docu-series/reality pool may have a gem with this new 12 episode series. The host they have chosen for the show comes from within the streetwear design community itself. Kyle Ng, the creator, and designer of streetwear brands Farm Tactics, AXS Folk Technology, and Brain Dead hosts this show as he discovers the unique intricacies of fashion and culture.

In a statement, the brand gave a short synopsis of the series.

“Throughout the series, Ng travels the world meeting the visionaries who are putting their own spin on fashion, and exploring the themes around different types of fabric and apparel that cross borders and thread together culture and expression. Along the way, he meets innovative designers, fashion connoisseurs, global craftsmen and celebrity stylists who guide him through a transformative and alluring examination of clothing as art.

The themes explored in this season include Plaid, Cowboy Boots, the Fedora, the Leather Jacket, Crazy Pants, Jeans, the Suit, the T-Shirt, Bling, Sneakers, Sacred Threads, and Camouflage.


If you have been following Kyle Ng for a while since the start of his career with his brand’s Farm Tactics, AXS Folk Technology, and Braindeadit seems Kyle is a perfect fit for this kind of explorative journey through fashion. His open mind, creative nature, and quick wit make him ideal to follow through the lens. We are interested to see how the people of the world gain their ideas through music and art for the next innovative phase in fashion.

Social Fabric with Kyle Ng premiere’s November 7th at 12 am on

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