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Look: Designer Raf Simons continues protest in style

The Revolution Continues

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Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons is at it again. The apparel icon often uses his work to curate thoughts and views and unleash them into his work.

Whether serving as the Creative Director for Christian Dior or now working as the CCO capacity for Calvin Klein, Simons never buckles when it comes to his vision.

His namesake line has courted controversy as he consistently jabs at our various social and political maladies.

Like many, he is not a fan of the current resident of the White House and he has made that known both within his work and in various interviews.

Himself an immigrant, Simons told Vogue that he fell in love with New York City upon arrival and that has not changed under the current administration.

“I can only see this city as a city that has incredible history, incredible inspiration, and incredible people . . . ask me do I think that you should stand up against what is happening in this country, then I say yes,” Simons said. “Even in writing, I do not think people should be fearful—we should be more fearless—and not behave like everybody is expecting you to behave.”

Fearless in its simplicity is the black and blue leather belt that simply states “Any Way Out Of This Nightmare?”

Priced at $249, the accessory is not the only piece that bears this message as Simons dropped a tote bag with the same wording.

Simons is using his platform to say what a lot of people are really thinking. If we can’t open our eyes to the usual forms of discourse perhaps art can lead the way.

Check out and entire line of Simon’s men’s products here. 

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