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Majid Jordan scores Album of the Week with The Space Between

A New Level Of Confidence

The duo Majid Jordan set out to create a seamless sonic journey on their latest pass The Space Between.

majidjordanThey more than accomplished that goal as this collection of ethereal soul movements should be considered a benchmark album.

Not since Maxwell’s quintessential breakthrough Urban Hang Suite has the bedroom, the street and a catchy disregard for trends hit with such a force.

Self awareness is a key ingredient to a healthy life.  The Canadian duo of Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman obviously went into this project with the mindset of presenting a collective vocal presentation.

Previous work was held back a tad by the push and pull that existed between singular voices fighting to be heard.

On “Body Talk” shifty synth chords and string pads live over a two-step inspiring rhythm track that allows the pair to flex their progress.

The Space Between also marks a lyrical progression. “Not Ashamed” in particular brings a seldom-seen vulnerability into the mix.

You Love Me, You Hate,

You Want Me, but Then You Resent Me

I’m Ashamed of the Way That You Treat Me

Scheming For You Is Too Easy

What’s Your Number I’m Bout to Delete It

Same Mistake I’m About to Repeat It

In a nutshell that is the confusion of the exit point in a lot of situations that have gone south.

Sonically, the OVO Sound trademarks are all over this thing. The camp doesn’t get enough credit for turning out tracks that are musically rich.

We live in a time where some producers don’t care to learn even the barest of essentials when it comes to music theory.

When the chord progressions tilt a bit left-of-center, it’s always done so in the context of the best aural interest of the track.

What sounds like midnight is matched with the right verbal content.

Regardless of how much time was put into The Space Between, there was a lot of care and thought that was put into it.

Some artists talk about their new album being their best album and other artists mean it.

Majid Jordan walked that walk and talked that talk.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: Majid Jordan The Space Between


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