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Review: Jigsaw is thin on depth and long on gore

A Legendary Tale Loses Substance

Just how long has it been since John “Jigsaw” Kramer met his demise?

On the Saw timeline it’s been 10 years. But in reality it’s been seven years.

JigsawSeven years is a long time. A child that was 10 years old when the last incarnation of the Saw franchise dropped is most likely a high school graduate now.

That either means that the powers that be behind the franchise took their time to get Jigsaw right or this movie is simply a cash grab.

Jigsaw will work for diehard Saw and in turn horror fans because truth be told, the pickings can be kind of scarce in this neck of the woods genre-wise.

Casual and/or on-the fence viewers will end up wanting more. The moral hammer that was a character in its own right has turned into a paper-thin excuse for reasons to butcher people.

Again, if simple bloodlust is all that is required, this flick won’t disappoint. This is especially true at the conclusion of the film when a lot of very loose ends are tied up.

Is John “The Jigsaw” Kramer really dead or is one of his infamous apprentices continuing his work 10 years after his death?

Let’s not spoil things for a potential attendee but there are a lot of areas that leave a lot to be desired.

What is gone visually is the various textures that at times made the previous films simultaneously gruesome and gorgeous.

In fact the easiest way to state it is that Jigsaw lacks depth in all areas.  Dialogue, performance, cinematography and plot are all devices that are just there.

Jigsaw,  in select spots flashed the potential to build upon the core of what started out as a landmark premise.

What drove most of these pieces home was that they played with your head. They forced one to think not only about what kinda sickness was on the way but about what sins perhaps they needed to atone for.

When that edge is removed, the work is not much better than a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel.

Rating: 2.75/5

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