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Phoebe Philo leaving Céline?

In the game of musical chairs, it seems there is always someone leaving one fashion house for another. There are whispers that creative director Phoebe Philo is leaving French fashion house, Céline.

There are always rumors swirling about a designer leaving one fashion house or another. It seems over the last few years this has been happening more often than not as fashion houses look for the next big prodigy to change the look and feel of their brand. Phoebe Philo, the creative director of French fashion house Cèline.

In an exclusive with The Business Of Fashion, sources inside LVMH said “The interviews have been going on for a few months now,” which is a direct contradiction to the official statement the company has given out. “We categorically deny any imminent departure of Phoebe Philo from Céline,” a spokesman for LVMH said.

There has not been any official statement from Philo or LVMH other than the one above. Philo came on as creative director of Cèline and turned the brand into a global staple with her designs. It will be sad to see her leave the line if she is in fact leaving. In all honesty, removing her as creative director would not be a big surprise as many of the fashion houses under the LVMH umbrella have undergone the same changes in the last few years. Louis Vuitton and Dior have both undergone changes in creative directors who had been with the brands for many years.

The new editions have since made innovative changes to the brands and somewhat revived them with new design energy.

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