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Thierry Mugler to Have 1st Exhibition at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Creature of Haute Couture: Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler is a legend in the fashion industry. Although he has stopped designing, his work is still held with such reverence it will be on exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

There are few names in fashion that exude the futuristic wonder and otherworldliness as Thierry Mugler. Although the last RTW collection he designed for his namesake brand was back in 2001, his insanely creative and iconic designs are still on the next level of creativity.

The designer, who has since changed his name, is now known as Manfred Thierry Mugler. He is more than just a designer, he is a real renaissance man. Since starting his design house in 1974, Mugler has had a whirlwind career in design, photography, directing, perfumery, and filmmaking; an overall artist. In 2014 his first stage show “The Mugler Follies” debuted at the Comedia in Paris and was said to be “reinvention of the art of the cabaret combining technique, eroticism, and elegance.” Below is video from the now-closed show the “Mugler Follies.”

He also staged another cabaret in Berlin called “The Wyld-Out of this World” (below)

In addition to directing, photography and general clothing design, Mugler in recent years served as the creative costume director for Beyonce for her “I Am” tour. A legacy stemmed in pure wonder and fantasy, Mugler has already left his mark on so many industries.


It was only a matter of time before he was recognized by an institution of the fine arts. In a statement on the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts website, Mugler said this about his inspiration and why he decided to partner with them.

“I have always been fascinated by the most beautiful animal on the Earth: the human being. I have used all of the tools at my disposal to sublimate this creature: fashion, shows, perfumes, photography, video…  I am not a person who dwells in the past, but the MMFA, through Nathalie Bondil, was the first to propose me to stage my creations and imagine together a free, global and reinvented artistic vision. How could I refuse?”

Always moving toward the next phase of his imagination, Mugler is a true visionary. The exhibition will consist of 130 of his couture designs in addition to his photography and film work.  Mugler’s collective work will debut in February of 2019 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

To learn more about Mugler and his work before the exhibition begins, visit

Watch: Thierry Mugler “Fierce” Fall/Winter 1997-1998 Collection

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