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Vêtements Holding a Secret Hong Kong Pop-Up?

Extremely chic streetwear brand Vêtements is known to be a hit on the streets of the most prominent cities in Asia, are they planning a pop up for their biggest fans?

The holiday season seems to be the perfect time to stage a pop-up especially when what you are selling is limited edition. Streetwear brand Vêtements just posted a very peculiar Instagram post saying that they are “Coming to Hong Kong on November 15th/Secret Location.”

The Parisian brand is heavily inspired by the people who wear and buy it, the youth of the world and Hong Kong is known for its iconically fashionable youth. Hong Kong seems like the perfect place for this edgy brand to make a pre-holiday appearance. Since there are limited details, we will stay tuned to the brand and their social media channels and keep you up to date when they drop the official location.

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