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Fifth Harmony Drops Self-Titled Third Album

Fifth Harmony is short and Sweet.

fifth-harmony-coverThe self-titled album from the now four-person group Fifth Harmony is one of the shortest albums we have listened to in quite some time. It may be short, but there are some slow jams that make it worth the listen.

Since the group lost member Camilla Cabello, things have been stable between the remaining four ladies remaining.

The change in dynamic seems to have worked for the group who seems more cohesive than ever before. This is the 3rd studio album from the team but the first without former member Cabello.

Even though it wasn’t pointed out directly, the song ‘Bridges’  implicate some of the issues the group had with Cabello before she left them for her own solo project.

Despite losing a member, the album features tracks with rappers Gucci Mane, and Pitbull, which give it some added flavor. The tracks ‘Down’ with Gucci Mane, and ‘Por Favor’  with Pitbull are songs that can easily be car sing-along favorites.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a hit from this pop group without some confident ‘I am that chick’ songs  ‘Make you Mad’ and ‘Deliver’  have that feel and fit with the confident vibe has had from day one.

While ‘don’t say you love me’ is the only real ballad on this LP, the girls of Fifth Harmony came together for a decent album that will keep their Harmonizer fans rocking until their next album drop.


Rating: 4/5

Stream: Fifth Harmony, Fifth Harmony


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