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Review: Converge destroys all on new LP The Dusk In Us

Rage Can Mature

A decade and a half or so ago, whoever would have thought that metalcore titans Converge would find a way to grow up?

convergecoverTheir ninth LP The Dusk In Us is as sharp and as noisy as ever both in lyrical and musical approach. The question of the day is that did the quartet f ind a way to dare I say…mature?

The answer is a resounding yes.  The obscure foreign literary references, shifting dynamics, feedback driven harmonies and vocal rage have all been upgraded.

In the past, Converge was a lesson in what happens when an angry bunch of kids scream ‘1-2-3 go!’ Now, that energy has been shaped and harnessed into something special.

By harnessing their power instead of neutering it, Converge has given themselves the ability to grow into the next level of life with both grace and edge.

Guitarist Kurt Ballou helms the production and kept the razors sharp on “I Can Tell You About Pain.”  It’s the perfect example of a vicious track that would have gone a little too far off the rails in the Jane Doe era.

Sick matriarch

We are worlds apart

Your dysfunction rips

The roots from my heart

I swear that I’m trying

I swear that I’m trying, but

You don’t know what my pain feels like

The shots at a family in tatters reveal wounds that are likely to never heal. But as the vulgar display of power burns, there are moments that also breakdown into a vulnerability that has been seldom seen up to this point.

Just after, the title track rolls through like a deep fog that is delivering sinister intent.

The Dusk In Us is the cleanest Converge recording from a fidelity perspective. That itself doesn’t change them as much as it scrapes off the dirt to allow the meanings and feelings to shine through.

After all this time, Converge still demands to be heard. We should all pay attention.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: Converge The Dusk In Us

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