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Review: Thor Ragnarok shatters the mold

A Tragic Comedy

Thor: Ragnarok rights the ship in Marvel’s MCU initiative by not taking itself too seriously.

01-1To be honest, it was always implied that Chris Hemsworth was brought on to clear the stoic air that has bogged down the Asgardean in the comic books.

In previous solo jaunts and Avengers ensemble runs, Hemsworth was given a few signature one liners here and there.

In this piece, he’s allowed to go full-throttle smart ass and it works well with the other bells and whistles that explode from the screen.

Using the leeway given to him, indie film darling Taika Waititi has put together a day-glo production that is extremely over-the-top.

Nothing is subtle. The fights are over-blown. The explosions detonate both visually and sonically. Even simple shrieks pierce the air like a dying banshee.

No matter what the ingredient is, Waititi dumps it all into the pot to create a stew that came dangerously close to being both too sweet and too salty.

Here, we really don’t believe in dropping spoilers which makes reviews hard to craft. But the previews already showcases that the Planet Hulk story arc from print is intertwined with this flick.

Waititi is smart enough to let the green guy lead the way with his alter-ego Bruce Banner  only popping up every now and then.

The  move was a wise one and it points to Waititi paying attention what’s in the best interest of the film.

Thor: Ragnarok for all its splendor does a fantastic job of advancing the MCU’s overall agenda.

By the time the mid-credits and posts credits scene roll, the stage is set for the next round of films.

Some like me, wondered how certain elements of the MCU would come together to scrap with Thanos in the brawl to settle it all…or at least this era of this of the MCU.

Now we know.

Not since Iron Man has a film on this roster served its purpose so well. Thor: Ragnarok is adrenalized action comedy that will remind anybody why they never wanted to grow up in the first place.

Rating: 5/5

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