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DC Comics’ acquisition of Brian Michael Bendis changes an entire industry

Seasons Must Change

Comics diehards are buzzing with the news today that legendary writer Brian Michael Bendis is walking away from Marvel to ink a long-term deal with their primary rival DC.

Bendis is currently wrapping up a run that will include his final takes on Spider Man and Iron Man.

DC is in the midst of a creative shakeup. The imprint has been successful with it’s Rebirth initiative which has led to other events that have also been celebrated.

Change is beautiful and Bendis’ signature style is to take previous events and shake them up as if they live in snow globe.

He has overturned the fates of The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, X-Men and every other hero, villain or team that has meant something.

He’s been mutually lauded and chastised for diversifying Spiderman in the form of placing the costume on a person of color in Miles Morales.

When DC dropped the news today on Twitter, they did not mention what properties he would be working on.

He confirmed the news on his personal account.

Make no mistake about it. This is a landmark moment in the comics industry. Bendis has nearly two decades worth of fingerprints on Marvel comics.

He has been loved and hated but his work has always been respected. His recent work on Secret Wars challenged the ideas of the current power structure in a fantasy-based setting.

It’s the type of work that will be read and re-read for a long, long time. The fact that Bendis and DC’s iconic visionary/writer Geoff Johns are playing for the same team now seems a bit unfair.

However, Johns is dedicating a lot of his time to TV and film projects. Its all speculative but perhaps Johns’ seat at the other tables is what created the opportunity for Bendis to jump ship.

As mainstream fans flock to comic books via an introduction at the movie theater, the acquisition of Bendis could not have come at a better time for DC.

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