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Review: Foxanne Reigns as “Queen of the Lost Boys” on New Single

screen-shot-2017-11-03-at-12-32-04-pmIt’s official, Brooklyn-based artist, Foxanne, has claimed her throne as the queen of indie with the release of her newest single, “Queen of the Lost Boys.”

With a sound that has been likened to artists such as Maggie Rogers, Jenny Lewis, Hop Along, and the Fleet Foxes, Foxanne’s music is adventurous with “a giddy, unbridled writing and performance style. Flying far outside the commercial zones…” (according to John Pfeiffer of the Aquarian).

The track was released on November 7, 2017, and it is absolutely enchanting. Foxanne’s vocals send chills down the listener’s spine as she sings of life as a woman aspiring to make it in a predominantly male-dominated industry (specifically music and the sciences). There is also a sarcastic commentary on the concept of the friend-zone hidden beneath the soft tune.

The tempo soon picks up as Andrew Funcheon and Michael Harris establish the flow on percussion and bass/synth respectively. Foxanne’s guitar chimes in clearly, evoking a sense stirring excitement.

The song opens with “nobody could love you the way I do” echoing softly through the silence. While this sentiment may appear affectionate and desirous at a glance, delving deeper into the lyrics reveals its true nature as a controlling, manipulative line used all too often by those who feel jilted by a woman’s lack of interest in their romantic pursuits. The jagged pill of this truth is wrapped sweetly thought the allusion of the beloved childhood story of Peter Pan.

This is one song you can play over and over again without it losing any magic of the first listen. Not only is it a flat-out astounding track with a message worth hearing, but “Queen of the Lost Boys” will also be on the soundtrack for the upcoming indie film, Howeds.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: “Queen of the Lost Boys” by Foxanne

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