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Can The Rock as Black Adam uplift Suicide Squad?

Fury of the Gods

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock stopped traffic when he announced that he was attached to all things involving the legendary DC antihero/villain Black Adam.

Rumors flew for some time that Johnson’s plan was to take on the role of Shazam but that’s not what happened.

Time has indeed marched on and now the plan is for Johnson to roll out Black Adam as a part of Suicide Squad 2.

Set to start shooting n 2018, according to The Wrap, the film will see Black Adam positioned as” a weapon of mass destruction.”

If the report is accurate Black Adam is officially apart of the DCU. Let’s assume that by the time shooting begins, his solo flick will have a release date.

Those two factors in mind, this is a good moment to visit who and what Black Adam really is.

DC Comics has a vast amount of second-tier heroes and villainWats that don’t get the shine of Batman and the Joker.

The dope thing is that many of these characters are just as strong or stronger than their more popular peers.

For whatever reason, they simply didn’t overtake the headliners. But it’s all good because in many cases their stories are more complex emotionally.

Black Adam certainly has a lot of layers. His portrayal requires an actor that bears a strong resemblance to him, has some acting chops and owns a certain amount of built-in arrogance.

With roots tracing back to ancient Egypt, he is a conqueror who returns to take out Captain Marvel/Shazam in addition to anyone that opposes him.

Like other DC characters (Bruce Wayne/Batman using deadly force as Paladin), Black Adam has had his story reimagined on several occasions.

There is no word yet on which version that the Rock is most likely to portray; although the weapon of mass destruction bit provides a little bit of direction.

The Rock is a fan favorite that typically plays on the right side of the law. Both in life and on-screen he’s a people person.

Can he turn all that off ?

Most likely as he’s been a heel before in his WWE days.  So there is that.

As more information trickles in, a better feel for it all will take place. Bu make no mistake about it, if done correctly Black Adam can rescue both the Suicide Squad and the DCU from depending on the routine names and faces to get it done.

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