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Watch: Lorde covers Bruce Springsteen classic “I’m On Fire”

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Alternative pop princess Lorde recently went to see the boss.

The star performed a stellar cover of the Bruce Springsteen gem “I’m On Fire.”

The dimmer-than-usual track was released as a single in the 80’s yet failed to reach the anthem status afforded to sibling tracks such as “Born In the USA.”

Artistically, one could argue that “I’m On Fire” tells a stronger story and is a one of Springsteen’s finest hours.

The somber tone was perfectly adapted by Lorde when she flipped it into a mash-up with her track “400 Lux.”

Performed in Christchurch, New Zealand which is a stop on her Melodrama world tour, the moment was awe-inspiring.

Lorde performed the track with her touring guitarist Ray Suen.

Those with long memories will recall that once upon a time, Springsteen covered Lorde’s first hit “Royals.”

Watch the video of the moment below courtesy of Lorde_fix (You Tube/Twitter).

Watch: Lorde covers Bruce Springsteen classic “I’m On Fire.”

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