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Eminem and Beyoncé Show Faith In Higher Power With New Single

Slim Shady “Walk[s] On Water”

Faith is an interesting thing. For centuries, hundreds of thousands fought and died in the name of what they believe. But for recovering addicts, like Eminem, placing faith in a higher power means believing in something greater than oneself, which is why it is an essential part of the 12-step program.

walkonwaterBeyoncé has never had to face addiction, but she is no stranger to singing about her faith. Her 2016 visual album, Lemonade, features clips and sequences referencing prayer, fasting, confession of sins, baptism, God, the devil, and curses.

The title of the song, “Walk on Water,” draws its inspiration from the Book of Matthew 14:22-33, which describes how Jesus walked on water to reach a boat that was filled with his disciples. So, it’s safe to say this is certainly not the “ordinary” Eminem track you might have expected.

Eminem gets Queen Bey to sing the chorus, “I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus,” a line which he uses to describe the fact that while he has claimed to be a “Rap God,” he is merely a mortal. He does not have superpowers and doesn’t always live up to his fans expectations of him.

Produced by Rick Rubin and co-producer Skylar Gray, the new single is a melodic ballad that stands apart from anything we’ve heard from him before. And no matter whether you feel it is a “good” or “bad” thing, he has appeared to embrace it.

Prior to the release of his latest single, Mathers went to elaborate lengths to set up a guerilla marketing campaign to promote his forthcoming studio album, Revival, as an advertisement for a pharmaceutical company that does not exist.

He since confirmed that title of his next record will indeed be Revival, and it is scheduled to be released on Nov. 17th. Eminem will also be making an appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live the following evening.


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