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Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine Is Pregnant With Twins

Leandra Medina’s Emotional Pregnancy Story

The brains behind the very popular fashion blog, Man Repeller, Leandra Medine announced her pregnancy Thursday in an emotional post.

She and her husband, Abie Cohen are expecting twins after years of struggling with trying to get pregnant. Her blog post, entitled “A Different Kind of Pregnancy Announcement” was extremely real and raw, even discussing the heartbreaking miscarriage she suffered last year.

Medine tried every method under the sun in order to get pregnant, including yoga, meditation, fertility diets, hormone injections, journaling, and progesterone. In her blog post she explains how her mind ran wild thinking of reasons why she couldn’t conceive and carry a healthy baby.  She writes,

“None of it worked because I hated myself. I had locked my heart and thrown out the key, and what I thought I needed was to get away, not to dig in deeper. This culminated at some point shortly after my return from Los Angeles, when I convinced myself that I could not get pregnant because I was in an incompatible relationship. Aggressively, I read through astrology books and called upon mystics and asked anyone who would listen if they thought I deserved Abie, if we were really supposed to be together. The mind will take you to the depths of desperation, distort fact and eradicate truth if you let it. When you close your heart, invariably, too, you close your mind — and there is no light.”

Today, she is 22 weeks pregnant with twins and the expecting couple could not be happier. The seemingly endless dark road has finally allowed some light to shine in.

Medine hopes to help other women going through the same struggles writing, “If you’re going through it, I still want to be here for you. I haven’t graduated from compassion. If there is anything I have learned, it is that no state of existence lasts forever. If you could remember a version of yourself who you loved, she’s still in there and sometimes recognizing that is enough.”

We wish Medine and her husband health and happiness throughout the rest of the pregnancy.


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