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Review: Evanescence get orchestral on Synthesis

The Passion & Pain

If Amy Lee and her band Evanescence prove anything on Synthesis, it’s that they own an incredible amount of technical skill.

Her voice is as powerful as metal icons such as Ronnie James Dio and Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. She also soars with the passion of a young Tori Amos.

synthesisHer band of co conspirators which include drummer Will Hunt, guitarist/background vocalist Jen Majura, bassist Tim McCord lead guitarist Troy McLawhorn are masters at throwing down and distributing the subtle nuances that are required with intricate arrangements.

Synthesis is and is not a greatest hits album. Using a symphony orchestra, the unit revisits previously released material such as “Bring Me Back To Life.”

There’s also a pair of new songs in “Hi Lo” and the single “Imperfection.”

Lee said a statement that she had a vision for the project coming into it.

“I tend to dream very big,” said Lee about the project. “The whole idea came from thinking about how cool it would be to do new versions of songs with strings and programming, and it just evolved from there.  With the skill and experience we’ve developed over the years, plus all of the great minds who came to be involved in the project, it snowballed into something very big, very quickly.”

She was accurate in stating that the project is very big.  At times, the performances and arrangements are akin to cooking food on very high heat.

With a full time symphony is the mix, some moments lose their ability to reflect and others simply come crashing down around the situation.

From a fidelity perspective, Synthesis is a grand and majestic gesture and it was mixed and mastered very, very well.

With a tour to back it up, this is a crossroads moment for Lee as she matures into the next phase of her career.

It is obvious that she will not settle for plugging away doing the same old thing year after year. There is truly something to say about that.

Rating: 3/5

Stream: Evanescence Synthesis

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