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Review: Wiz Khalifa rolls out on Laugh Now, Fly Later

Put it in the air

Wiz Khalifa is the master of mixtape-as-a-unofficial-album concept.

His work dating back to 2010’s Kush & Orange Juice cemented him as one of rap’s mixtape idols.

wiz khalifa In 2017, he’s arrived with Laugh Now, Fly Later which is the setup for his upcoming LP Rolling Papers 2.

With only one guest, he pushes the portions of his personality which cast him in the role of the lovable stoner to the max.

What’s the most interesting thing about the tape is that for the most part the musical choices cast out the sound of the day in favor of choices that come close to being certified g-funk.

An exception to both rules is the nostalgic “Figure It Out” which is drenched in a little bit of 70’s-fueled grace.

The standout is a learner’s manual for getting to where you want to get to in the game of life.  Truthfully, it could have easily been a choice album cut.

Looking at the tape for what it is, it’s a really good look for an artist that flips from the streets, to the mainstream to the hippie life with ease.

Wiz stands out as he’s not afraid to do things differently as he points out throughout the tape. This manifesto most likely sets up a lot of the themes that will be explored on Rolling Papers 2.

As silly as it sounds, Khalifa’s stance on rolling papers versus blunts points to his continued desire to rebel against what was thought possible.

He’s a rapper yet he doesn’t do things the way that most rappers do. He’s a Top 40 mainstay yet he dedicates a large part of his content to keeping it pimpish.

He’s simply who he is and that is the carefree theme that carries this and possibly his next steps.

Sit back, relax and put it in the air. Laugh Now, Fly Later is a sweet appetizer.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: Wiz Khalifa Laugh Now, Fly Later

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