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Will Blac Chyna Become a ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Cast member?

Word on the street is that Love & Hip Hop creator/executive producer, Mona Scott-Young, wants Blac Chyna to become a cast member on the VH1 reality show. During a recent interview, Mona talked about possibly recruiting Chyna since the model had decided to launch a music career.

Chyna’s no stranger to reality television. Not too long ago she starred in the E! reality tv show Rob & Chyna, with her baby daddy, Rob Kardashian. The was supposed to have a second season, but due to the former couple’s on again, off again relationship there really was no telling when the show would resume. Though Chyna blames Rob’s mom, Kris Jenner, for sabotaging the show and getting it pulled.

A couple months back Rob and Chyna went through a huge blow-up, which resulted in their romantic relationship ending for good. Rob decided to leak explicit pictures of Chyna and private messages after she posted a picture of herself in bed with another man. The incident resulted in Chyna suing Rob and eventually his entire family. The dispute includes a number of allegations, however, “revenge porn” became a big topic of discussion after Rob released the explicit images.

No word yet on if Chyna will be interested in doing another reality show, but Celebrity Big Brother producers are reportedly interested in snagging Chyna for their first ever U.S. edition. So it appears that Chyna has a couple of offers on the table if she decides to jump back into television.

It’s possible that she might even have the ability to get her own show. Chyna is very entertaining and her life was the most interesting part of Rob & Chyna. But it’s too early to tell what the model will do.

Rob and Chyna currently share custody of their 10-month-old daughter Dream. Though they are in the middle of sorting out a lot of legal issues, they have decided to co-parent amicably; without any contact.


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