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Review: The Dead Flowers Pull Out All The Stops On Their New EP, AL

What’s your name?

With the long awaited release of their newest EP, Al, The Dead Flowers have given the world one more reason to believe that rock n’ roll is alive and well.

the-dead-flowers-al-before-i-fuck-shit-upNew Brunswick based rock band, The Dead Flowers, has been tearing up the scene since 2014 with one goal in mind; to create mind-blowing music, and their latest project does not disappoint. Al, the band’s third EP to date, was released November 17, 2017. The collection of five totally new original songs guaranteed to become a fast favorite with long-time fans and new listeners alike.

“Drivin’ Down to Tennessee” kicks off the EP with a bang, literally. This powerful shot of rock n’ roll tells a story of love, crime, betrayal, and bloodshed, all while being super fun to dance to. With powerful vocals, plot-driven lyrics, and a wicked guitar solo à la Zach Tyler The Great, “Drivin'” is basically a shot of adrenaline in the form of sound waves.

Things slow down a bit with “What’s Your Name,” the first single to be dropped off the EP. It’s a catchy song with a more mellow flow, and a groove that gives it tons of replay value. There’s a level of simplicity to this track that makes it so appealing, from Matt Scrads’s smooth bass line  to the steady beat laid down by Dr. Johnny D, everything about it just works. “What’s Your Name” cuts to the chase, and while this song’s subject doesn’t bother with games, that doesn’t make it any less fun.

“Daisy 38” is a high-energy, catchy jam that’s guaranteed to get listeners up and moving. The song waivers in intensity, switching between subdued, contemplative verses, and a powerful, passionate chorus that really showcases lead singer Mike Parry’s vocal skills.

“Leather Dress” adds a hit of sex appeal to the EP, as if the title doesn’t give that away. The smooth melody and seductive vibe have listeners swaying along as the lyrics artfully paint a picture of conflict and temptation. This track is sure to become a fast favorite, and will definitely have you “coming back for more.”

Al ends on a high-note with a pleasantly upbeat track called “C.C.” (also known as Chinese Cigarettes). Right from the get go listeners are hooked by the song’s uplifting instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics. It’s not everyday that travel, loyalty, love, family, and stardom come together in song form, but this track proves that mixture works oh so well.

There’s so much that can be said about Al, but at the top of that list has to be the fact that it’s exactly what the world needs right now: fun. While the tones of these songs vary, there’s an overlying energy that makes them so enjoyable. They bring listeners to life, and when push comes to shove, isn’t that what rock n’ roll is all about?

Rating: 5/5

Stream: Al by The Dead Flowers

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