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Pharrell Williams announces release date for special project

Pharrell Williams is a forward thinking artist that has produced vintage material in multiple categories.

In music, he is exceptional artist and producer that has an unparalleled track record. In fashion, he has created and set trends that the streets are still trying to keep up with.

As a film producer, he’s launched a project that really made a difference in Hidden Figures.

Speaking of making a difference, Williams is taking on global warming next. He’s teamed with alcohol brand Louis XIII Cognac on the track “100 Years…The Song We’ll Only Hear If We Care.”

New music from Williams is always dope. The only problem is that we’ll never get a opportunity to hear it.

Unlike his upcoming work from N.E.R.D., Pharrell’s new song is not going to be released for 100 years in 2117.

According to a press release, the only copy of the song has been engraved on clay vinyl and locked away in a special water-vulnerable safe.

He made the move to raise awareness on a issue that many for whatever reason treat as a fairy tale.

Williams dropped some jewels as to how the project works.

“It’s an artistic project that will disappear forever if global warming continues,” he stated. “I love the fact Louis XIII thinks a century ahead. We should all do the same for the planet. And, well, if in 2117 they indeed listen to my song, it means something went right.”

If not, something went terribly wrong and we will have ourselves and the government officials that we refused to hold responsible to blame.

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