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Aquazurra Shelves Lawsuit Against Ivanka Trump

99 problems but “Wild Thing” ain’t one

Ivanka Trump has had many woes with her brand since her father became president. She has one less now since Aquazurra dropped their lawsuit against her.

It is no secret that since her father was elected president, Ivanka Trump, and her clothing brand has come under considerable scrutiny. There was even a boycott waged against it. Over the last year, it seems as though wave, after wave of trouble has subdued the brand. One of the problems that Ivanka’s brand has encountered is lawsuits. Another big name in fashion, Italian brand Aquazurra, just recently dropped/settled (which hasn’t been confirmed) a lawsuit against the brand.

According to Reuters,  Aquazurra agreed to dismiss all claims and counterclaims, according to a filing on Friday with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan. The dispute began over the design of Aquazurra’s “Wild Thing” shoe which the brand claims Trump and her partner Marc Fisher made an exact copy of called the “Hettie” shoe.

In this particular case, Aquazurra claimed that the “Hettie” shoe would confuse it’s customers since it is an exact copy of their shoe, the “Wild Thing” which is exponentially more expensive.


We have seen many lawsuits like this one recently, brands like Gucci, H&M, and Zara, have all been under fire this year for copying others’ design property. As fast fashion continues to rule, and consumers look for cheaper versions of luxury items, will the laws of trademark infringement become more staunch?

There is no word from either camp on whether or not Trump and Fisher settled out of court but the case has been dismissed. Considering the year Mrs. Trump has been having, one bullet dodged is a good track record for the time being.

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