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Xscape Vs. Jermaine Dupri

On the latest episode of Xscape Still Kickin It, the ladies decide to have a sit down with music mogul Jermaine Dupri, before heading out to perform at the BET Awards.

For those who don’t know, Xscape was the first act signed to Jermaine’s record label So So Def. He also owns all of the rights to their music. Which is why, when the possibility of an unauthorized biopic of Xscape popped up, he was one of the first people to get a phone call. Anyone who ever wants to use the group’s music for a film or anything else has to go through him.

In the meeting, Kandi Burruss was the most vocal in her feelings about Jermaine’s involvement. Even though it’s his legal right to do whatever he wants with their music, she felt that he should have at least reached out to them to let the ladies know what’s up. She also thinks that an unauthorized biopic, without the involvement of the group, could have bad side effects.

For one, she cites a conversation that she’s previously had with Will Packer during the time of the Aaliyah biopic. She says that in their discussion he expressed that he had reached out to Aaliyah’s family, who disapproved of the biopic, to see if they wanted to do one their way. However, after the backlash of the first biopic, no one in the industry was interested in doing another, even if the family was onboard.

The possibility of not being able to tell their story after the unauthorized biopic is released is the group’s biggest worry. So, Jermaine decided to let them have first dibs on their music when they’re ready to do their own biopic. Sounds like a fair arrangement.

Meanwhile, the group prepares for their performance at the BET Awards. When they arrive in Los Angeles, they find a wonderful house provided by their manager Mona Scott-Young. Though this is a work trip, all of the ladies, except for Tameka “Tiny” Harris, decided to bring their husbands. After killing the performance, they’re off to get ready for their set at Essence Festival.

WATCH: A Clip of Xscape’s discussion with Jermaine Dupri



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