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Harley Quinn returns to animation with solo outing

No Longer Number 2

Harley Quinn made her debut in the 90’s animated landmark Batman: The Animated Series.

From conception, she was a popular character that despite being on the wrong side of morality, found an audience that embraced her with the same zeal as her love interest did.

As The Joker’s better half, Quinn has been often portrayed as having all of his physical abilities with the weakness of being manipulated and driven mad by his version of love.

The complex dynamic of their situation added new layers to DC’s animated, print and eventually film properties.

When we use terms such as we need new heroes, villains and stories, Quinn is the perfect reference point for why.

The alternative edge and swagger that Quinn adds to the DC Universe would not have been possible if she was created even as far back as the 80’s.

As she continues to break out and away from the Joker’s shadow, she is building her own franchise.

After actress Margot Robbie brought her to life and stole the show in Suicide Squad, she was given her own solo movie.

Now comes word that Warner Bros. has ordered a new adulterated animated series to drop on their new streaming service.

Her addition to that library makes her the third DC-related title to be announced thus far.

They say you can’t go back home but Quinn will do just that over 26 episodes. The show is helmed by Powerless producers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, as well as Dean Lorey, according to Deadline.

Harley Quinn, who finally has broken things off with the Joker once and for all and attempts to make it on her own as the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City.

Thus far, all that’s Harley has been gold and this showcase title should be no different.

This is no word on when the show is due.

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