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Killah Priest & 4th Disciple Tag Team With ‘Don’t Sit on the Speakers Vol. I’

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Wu-Tang Clan affiliates Killah Priest and 4th Disciple have returned with their latest tag-team project, Don’t Sit on the Speakers Vol. I. The first of their ongoing saga features Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and other Wu affiliates Moon Crickets and Cappadonna, on this fifteen-track mixtape.

dontsitonspeakersThe duo who were responsible for GZA‘s Liquid Swords track “B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth),” went different ways in the ’90s. Killah Priest went on to form The HRSMN with Canibus, Ras Kass, and Kurupt, while 4th Disciple continued to work as the Wu Tang’s master mixer.

Now, the duo is back and better than ever… and they really do mean it when they say “Don’t Sit on the Speakers.” 

The mixtape opens with “KP Supreme” a two-part freestyle that opens with “side A” an old school freestyle that fades into “side B” a classic Wu-Tang style beat.

Raekwon “the Chef” jumps on the track, “You Don’t Stop,” to drop some high-speed bars on this sped up scratch beat. “G-Boyz” is a short minute-and-a-half track with a harmonica-led beat that fades into the track, “Cornerz of My Mind,” another wicked Killah Priest freestyle.

“Sativa” and “Trichomes PSA” are basically five-minute tracks dedicated to the sticky green stuff… weed. Duh. “We Came Like” is similar but focused more on the “good old days” of Soul Train and the Supreme Team [gang from South Jamaica, Queens]. “Moon Crickets” features Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah and the remaining members of Killah Priest’s side-project of the same name, Moon Crickets—which consists of DJ Merciless and Lord Fury.

Killah Priest and Ghostface just tear up the upbeat “Disco Airlines,” which sounds like a track that sounds like it should be a B-Side from Ghost’s classic Ironman.

“Wordz from the Arkitech” wraps things up with a special shoutout from Paradise [Grey] the Architect of the late-’80s Brooklyn hip-hop crew, the X Clan, before closing with “Last Minutes of Summer” a classic track dedicated to “The City That Never Sleeps.”


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