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That’s a Wrap: Ten TV shows ending in 2018

On the chopping block

Television is in a constant state of limbo with streaming. But in 2018 shows on both sides are ending, meaning no one is safe.

Binge watching television is the new favorite past time for many, but some of our favorite shows are on their way out in the coming months.

There are many reasons for the end of the shows we are about to mention. Some have just run their course; others are going down in flames due to the main characters being a part of a scandal.

Here is a list ten shows that will be leaving the small screen in 2018


#1 Scandal

Once upon a time, we lived for the “Shondablock” of television, but clearly, with the dip in ratings, Ms. Pope and the gang will have to go.

The problematic political love triangle sprinkled with espionage that made Kerry Washington a bonafide star is ending with season 8.

We will miss Olivia’s power suits though.

Roles have been changed, flipped and reversed as the show takes its victory lap. Never one to jump the proverbial shark, Scandal is not going down without a creative fight.


#2 Nashville

The country music drama is ending after season six. After two seasons on CMT killed the series, the powers that be simply had seen enough.

There wasn’t enough backstabbing and conniving to save the series that highlighted the backstage struggles of falling stars and the rookies that slept with their men.

What made Nashville dope in it’s prime was how the creatives created a lane to make the music a character within the show.


 #3 House Of Cards

The widely popular political series seemed as though it was going to be around for a long time until sexual harassment allegations hit the show’s star, Kevin Spacey.

Zero tolerance is the policy of Netflix, and after all of the scandals that have been in the press lately, they weren’t taking any chances. The final season will continue without Spacey.



#4 Veep

The critically acclaimed HBO comedy centered around Julia Louis Dreyfuss will end after it’s 7th season.

This comes as no surprise since the actress revealed that she is fighting a battle against breast cancer.  The actress told the Hollywood Reporter that the time was right.

“It became clear that this season should be the last season,” Louis-Dreyfus said. “We don’t want to repeat ourselves or wear out our welcome. The story has a finality to it that feels end-of-series.”



#5 The Middle

The ABC  family comedy will end with its 9th season. Watching the eccentric Heck kids grow up has been a pleasure. It’s also been a joy to watch the parents led by matriarch Frankie find blue collar solutions to everyday struggles.

Although we will miss it, we hope something just as funny replaces it. ABC has the family comedy game on lock so the odds on that happening are high.

#6 The Americans

The FX spy series is set to end in its 6th season.  Kerri Russell and  Matthew Rhys star in this drama about Russian KGB agents in the 1980’s.

The couple pose as suburbanites to get a leg up on their competition in the intelligence community. The details that fueled Cold War are executed with precision.

This show is binge-worthy, so if you haven’t watched wait for it to be available on Amazon Prime.

Just make sure you have your vodka within arm’s reach.


#7 Longmire

The Craig Johnson novel inspired T.V. series will end after season 6 which is airing now. The crime thriller that brought Wyoming to life will leave behind a strong legacy.

Australian actor Robert Taylor  did Walt Longmire justice as he led a strong ensemble cast of  Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bailey Chase, Cassidy Freeman and newcomer Adam Bartley.


#8 The Originals

Not to get to ghoulish but the forces behind this spinoff of the teen favorite Vampire Diaries were super cold-blooded.

The Originals are not even being afforded a final season. Instead they are getting clipped with a mid-season heave-ho.



#9  New Girl

Zooey Deschanel‘s awkward relationship comedy New Girl will end in season 7.  This one is all about resolution after Jess (Deschanel) told Nick (Jake Johnson) about how she really felt.

The show centers around a group of young adults trying to find their way so there are quite a few loose ends to tie up. Winston (Lamorne Morris) got engaged, and  Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) are working through a pregnancy.

This one hurts as we were just starting to get what we wanted from the series.


#10 Being Mary Jane

Gabrielle Union’s relationship drama will end it’s run on BET in a two-hour series finale in place of a fifth season.  This one ends at just the right time as Mary Jane has given us all that she can give.

Not since the classic Mary Tyler Moore Show has a series broken such ground when it comes to shining light on women in broadcasting.  Being Mary Jane gave us the good, the bad and the ugly an we thank them for it.


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