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Review: Evangelia Drops Stunning Video For New Single, “Still Think About You”

Back in July NJ singer-songwriter, Evangelia, shook the music scene with the release of her debut track, “Hide Away.”

A few months later, and she’s done it again with her new single, “Still Think About You.”

The new track has a beautiful, etherial vibe going for it with a slow tempo and mellow, relaxed vocals that evoke and almost hypnotically serene feeling in listeners. However, while “Still Think About You” may be stylistically “chill,” it certainly isn’t lacking in power. The lyrics are poetic and relatable, drawing emotion and appealing to the inner self who wants nothing more than to be able to be vulnerable around that special someone. The thought of still wanting someone it just didn’t work out with the first time, in a society that believes emotions should be linear and dealt with quickly, isn’t exactly something openly discussed. Despite this, the feeling itself is not an uncommon one, and Evangelia conveys it perfectly. It’s subtle, yet deep, and that’s definitely part of the charm.

The video that was released simultaneously with the single is absolutely stunning. An amazing us of jump cuts meshes together perfectly with the artistically framed shots and liberal use of computer graphics, creating an otherworldly vibe. Stylistically it’s crisp, yet dreamy, much like the song itself.

The subtle storytelling is also a huge selling point. Looking closely, it becomes apparent that the four characters shown in the video are connected, including Evangelia herself. Like with a good book, this detail makes it hard not to become invested. With engaging elements like heartache, desire, conflict, hope, and obviously the song itself, everything about this video is meant to be immersive to listeners.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this track. It’s clear that Evangelia has a bright future ahead of her with her music, and is definitely a name to look out for.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: “Still Think About You” by Evangelia

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