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Prince Harry channels his Mother for Meghan Markle’s custom ring

Harry put a MAJOR ring on it.

The news just broke about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s engagement, and we have all the details on the sentimental custom ring.

We all shed a tear when Prince William and Princess Katherine were engaged and then married. Now we are here to witness the engagement of Prince Harry and his bride to be Meghan Markle.

The two princes are the sons of Prince Charles and the late Diana Princess of Wales. The men lost their mother twenty years ago in a fatal car crash in Paris at the young ages of  12 (Harry) and 15 (William). Although they lost their mother at such a young age, her legacy lives through them both. Like their mother, both men have done tireless humanitarian work in Africa and around the world which speaks to the lessons in kindness and selflessness she instilled in her children.

Their mother’s influence can still be seen around the world even now, which is why it is such a beautiful sentiment made by HRH Prince Harry of Wales, by continuing the tradition started by his brother, HRH Prince Willam and including part of his mother in his engagement to Meghan Markle.

The ring (below) which is a three-stone diamond ring set in gold was designed by Prince Harry himself. The center stone is a diamond Harry acquired in Botswana, which holds sentimental value to the couple who went there together in July of 2016 where they spent a week alone camping beneath the stars. The two outer stones are even more significant because they belonged to his late mother, Diana. The beautiful bauble was made by the personal jewelers of HRH Queen Elizabeth, Cleave & Company.

Getty Images

Getty Images

The wedding is set to be in the spring of 2018, but there is no official date at this time. This comes as no surprise since Princess Kate is also expecting her third child with Prince William around that time.

We are delighted for the couple and their new journey together on the road to marriage. To learn more about the couple and how they met, watch the exclusive CBC Interview below via YouTube.


‘Prince Harry and Meghan Markle detail proposal and romance| First post-engagement Interview.’

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