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Commentary: Eli Manning disrespected and discarded

Dirty Deeds…Done Dirt Cheap

The New York Giants are officially in scapegoat mode.  And by making two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning their victim, they have forever altered the course of their franchise.

There is plenty of time to discuss where Manning will end up after this fuckery has subsided.  For now the attention should be placed directly on the blatant disrespect at hand.

The Giants benched the face of their franchise for Geno Smith. Let that resonate for a second.  This is the same Geno Smith that was not a viable option for the New York Jets.

To say that Manning is less capable of generating wins than Geno Smith is like saying its better to trust a dope fiend to do right with your money than a financial planner.

With their season in the gutter, the Giants are claiming that they want to look at the other talent in the quarterback’s room.

That might have a shred of logic to it if they were making the move to start rookie Davis Webb. They invested a third round pick in him so that makes sense.

But there is no need to look at Geno Smith. He is what he is and that is a lower tier backup QB.  If we really want to talk about the Colin Kaepernick injustice, ask yourself why Smith of all people has a job and Kap doesn’t.

That is why this is so disrespectful.  Manning does not need to be sent a message of any sort.  To be honest, he’s one of a select few on that trainwreck of a team that is doing his job.

The cold fact that the New York Giants lead the league in drops is not on him.

Tight end Evan Engram in particular, lets Manning down week after week. Engram will be an All-Pro tight end in this league at some point.

But for right now, he is a primary source of blame as to why the Giants drives stall out at critical junctures.

All of the sensible commentary in the world could be on display and it wouldn’t make sense. Nothing makes sense in a world where Ben McAdoo is the head coach of even a youth football team.

Not sense Greg Schiano laid waste to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has the league dealt with a coach that mishandled a roster so poorly.  Shout out to Lawrence Tynes.

If the Giants want to tank the rest of the season fine. It’s a smart move but it does not and should not come at the expense of a durable legend that is doing his job.

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