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Review: MarSOUPial Brings the Energy on SOUP EP (+ Show Dates)

There are some bands out there who like to play by the book and stick to a set formula. Those bands would not be marSOUPial.

a1128410194_16Formed back in 2016, marSOUPial is a jam/funk band who can be found spreading the good vibes throughout the New Jersey show scene. The band’s members, Mark Spelker (drums), Connor Forde (bass), Chris Ruzicka (guitar), and Neil Forde (guitar) are childhood friends who chose to pursue their dream and share their passion with the world. From the catchy jams, to the killer energy they bring, it’s easy to tell that these guys love what they do and give it their all. Their latest EP, SOUP EP, was released September 21, 2017.

“Makin’ Moves (On My Gumbo)” kicks things off on with some serious energy. The crips, clear guitar has a somewhat hypnotic vibe to it, making it hard not to sway along. The unexpected changes throughout the track leave listeners on their toes, wondering what else the song has in store for them.

A strong bass line gives “Out of Focus Creature” an intense feel, especially at the very beginning. However, a smooth transition adds an extra shot of funk that permeates the rest of the track. This song is a lot of fun and is guaranteed to have even the most stoic individuals giving in to the groove and dancing along.

“Arpeggibro” has an undeniably uplifting feel to it. The upbeat track features a melody that has a rather calming effect, clearing the mind of any negativity. It’s bright, fun, super catchy, and features one impressive guitar solo.

“Catskills” has a great flow to it, evoking a sense of gentle grander, much like the mountains it’s named after. This song feels like a summer drive with friends where there’s no set destination and anything is possible. There’s an ebb and flow of intensity throughout the six minute track that prevents listeners from becoming too dazed by its overall enticing nature.

“Mongoose Crossing” closes the EP out on a chill note. With a smooth flow and a melody that’s easy to vibe to, it contrasts the more energetic opening jams nicely while still remaining true to the tone of SOUP EP.

Truly a perfect mixture of all its elements, SOUP EP is not an EP to be overlooked. Dedicated fans can also look forward to ringing in the new year with the marSOUPial New Year’s Eve Run 2017, where the true improvisational skills of this band can be admired in their full glory.

December 28 – Stanhope House w/ Flux Capacitor, Stanhope NJ

December 30 – The Blue Room, Secaucus NJ

December 31 – The Lost Woods House, New Brunswick NJ

Rating: 4/5

Stream: SOUP EP by marSOUPial

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