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Animation: Inside the details behind Batman Ninja

A Warrior’s Struggle

Batman Ninja is positioned to be the next agent of infection from DC’s animation arm.

Batman NinjaThe Japanese trailer that debuted today is nothing short of enthralling. The anime features English subtitles which adds to the mystique of the affair.

The rub is that Batman, The Joker and a host other DC heavyweights are sent back in time to a critical point in Japan’s history.

Per usual, Batman and the Joker are polar opposites in a war that somehow seems to be more chaotic than the ones fought in the modern era.

Without getting to deep into it, Batman seeps into the fabric of Japanese culture quite nicely. His brooding disposition works well with the mannerisms of the Eastern warrior.

As for the greatest madman of all-time, he reigns in this realm under the moniker of Devil King of the 6th Heaven, Lord Joker.

His army of evildoers is a mixture of homegrown talent and henchmen that he dragged with him into the void.

Batman is also strapped with a crew that is fighting the good fight yet it’s not very apparent who has the upper hand going into this thing.

Judging by his adopted name, it’s a safe bet that the Joker for the sake of the plot is dominating the game in some way, shape or form.

The work of principles such as Junpei Mizusaki (Megaman X), Takashi Okazashi (Afro Samurai), and Kazuki Nakashima (Kill La Kill) is very familiar to American audiences.

Everything about this situation feels right and fresh.  For a trailer a lot is told about the story yet a lot is let put.

Due in the early fall of 2018, look for more information and media to drop as the world counts down to what is looking like an epic event.

It is seriously that dope.

Watch: Batman Ninja Trailer English Subs

Watch: Batman Ninja Trailer New York Comic Con


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