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Austin Rivers Fined $25k For Verbal Outburst As Clips’ Woes Continue

As the Clippers continue to cope with life after Chris Paul, they have another reason to be frustrated. Guard Austin Rivers was fined $25,000 for cursing at a fan during their recent loss to the Jazz.

Rivers walked towards the fan and told him to shut up, plus a word that would make your grandmother have to sit down. “I definitely shouldn’t have said anything,” Rivers told reporters. “This is the message I want to say. I’m sorry for using profanity, but I was sticking up for my teammate, bottom line.”

The individual on the receiving end of Rivers’ words was apparently acting like a “fair-weather-a** fan”, according to the former Duke University attendee.

The Clippers currently find themselves tied for second in the Pacific Division with an 8-13 record and with no end to the misery in sight. Star forward Blake Griffin recently suffered an MCL sprain that will keep him out for about 2 months, and Danilo Gallinari is out with a hip injury that will keep him out for up to 2 more weeks.

After building themselves up from the joke of the NBA to a consistent playoff team, the Clippers are hoping to rebound this season and avoid slipping beyond irrelevance and back into ridicule.

The Clippers take on the Timberwolves Sunday night in Minnesota after losing to the Mavericks on Saturday.

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