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Kevin Durant Leads Curry-less Warriors With Triple Double

Golden State guard Steph Curry watched from the sideline as the Warriors rolled over his hometown Charlotte Hornets Wednesday night. Curry suffered a sprained ankle against New Orleans earlier this week and is expected to be out several weeks. Forward Draymond Green also sat out with a shoulder injury.

The main story, however, was with moody superstar Kevin Durant, who recorded his ninth career triple double en route to the victory. Durant was ejected in the New Orleans game, the same night Curry injured his ankle. It was the second ejection within a week and the third of the season for the formerly reserved and definitely not 6’9″ forward.

“I make sure it’s late in the game if I want to do something, but I’ve got to be more focused than that, I’ve got to be more poised, I can’t let anybody take me off my game” Durant told the Washington Post.

He certainly looked poised tonight.

He posted 35 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists while quarterbacking the defending champions. It’s easy to say that Durant took the easy road to a championship by joining Golden State, but tonight was certainly a reminder that he can lead a team without the usual superstar cast to support him.

The Warriors head to Detroit to face the Pistons in what is easily the worst arena name in professional sports: Little Caesars Arena. I guess it fits; you don’t go to Little Caesars for good pizza, you go for cheap pizza. You don’t go to Little Caesars Arena for good basketball either. Unless a good team is in town, then you go. Trust me, I live ten minutes from the Jazz’s arena, I know how it goes: you only go if tickets are free or if LeBron’s in town.

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