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Salute Spotlight: 7 Independent Artists You Have To Check Out (12/06/2017)

There’s so much great stuff going on with the independent music scene lately, which is exactly why SALUTE Spotlight is here.

The goal is to spread the word about all the amazing things happening with independent music, as well as show some love to the artists and bands who make it.

From upcoming albums to tours you won’t want to miss, it’s all right here for your convenience.

24131963_1556766954415244_8003206299419878665_oElliot Jones

Elliot Jones is a Toronto based singer-songwriter whose debut single, “Let You In” is making waves, and with good reason too.

The 20-year old up-and-comer has the makings of a true pop icon. With his uniquely captivating voice amazing sense of flow, and over all star quality, it’s plain to see that Jones has quite the career ahead of him.

The track, which was produced by Mike Hart (Alex Aiono, Dove Cameron) and co-written by Jake Hakes (D.R.A.M., Kyle) and Michelle Buzz (Jaira Burns, Prince Fox), has a catchy, mid-tempo beat and smooth, sultry vibe that grabs ahold of the listeners’ attention, not intending to let them go (puns intended).

There’s a lot that can be said about Jones, but his music really has to be experienced first hand. You’ll definitely understand the hype.

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screen-shot-2017-11-16-at-10-32-06-amPayton Odom

If you’re looking for a song that will really work its way into your heart and make remind you what it’s like to feel, then Payton Odom’s newest track, “At My Door,” is for you.

Odom is an extremely talented artist from Brooklyn, NY, who uses his music as a form of expression, and boy, does it hit hard.

“At My Door” is all about feeling pain, and growing from it. The lesson isn’t an easy one, but when done correctly can lead to an exorbitant amount of growth. That being said, this song can be both jarring and therapeutic for anyone struggling with that transition in their life.

Odom’s vocals carry so much emotion, it’s hard not to get a little misty-eyed when listening to his soulful tunes. Definitely not an artist to be overlooked, we can’t recommend this guy enough.

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unnamedMr Gabriel

Mr Gabriel is a truly unique act with a sound that should not be missed.

Hailing from Nashville, TX, Mr Gabriel combines lively, energetic melodies with hypnotic vocals for an over all captivating sound. His latest single, “Help Me Out,” doubles down on the mellow factor with a slow, rhythmic tempo that evokes a trancelike state in its listeners. Haunting, and a little bit disorienting, “Help Me Out” is ultimately an ode to death.

“Death is the ultimate lover that’s been waiting MY whole life to hold ME…it’s a bit strange,” says Mr Gabriel. “There is a peace and an aching in that kind of romance.”

Mr Gabriel’s is a sound one seeks out when looking to expand the mind for sure, but soul-searchers and casual listeners alike will agree that this is one artist that has to be heard.

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dlvhwzuuiaect2rThe Habits

The Habits are an indie-rock trio from sunny California whose sound combines the elegance of ballet and sheer energy of rock for something truly unique.

The band’s frontman, Wolf Bradley, took a lot of inspiration from his friend, sister-figure, and muse, Misty Copeland, the first African American soloist for the American Ballet Theatre. Copland lived with Bradley for a time, and as their bond grew so did Bradley’s love of music. One could say this introduction to the arts was almost meant to be, as Bradley actually met his bandmates, Andrew Macatrao and Chance Famighetti, at his mother’s ballet studio. This just goes to show that some stories are just meant to be.

The Habits seamlessly blend elements of both genres in their new track, ” Feeling It .” The song delves into the woes of dating in 2017, with a moving beat and addicting melody that is sure to give you that rush of dopamine, much like that feeling of swiping right. Enamoring and captivating just like the effects of love, “Feeling It” leaves you wanting more.

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axelmansoor2Axel Mansoor

Mansoor is a true multitalent, singing, writing, playing guitar and producing almost all of his music, this man really puts himself into each and every track.

His music is ultimately uplifting, with themes of transformation, self-love, and the realization that you don’t need to rely on others to feel validated being staples in his work.

His sound is instantly addictive, with energetic electro-pop stylings and a consistent sense of danceability. Mansoor’s debut single, “Wasted My Love,”was ranked at #5 on the US Spotify Viral Chat.

His latest project, a single called “Talk To Me,” its set to release December 8, 2017. This mid-tempo pop song with an electronic flair is sure to please, so mark your calendars.

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Goldsmoke is a London based future soul sibling duo with one impressive sound.

Combining impressively smooth vocals with seductive electronic rhythms is guaranteed to give listeners the chills. Their latest single, “All Falls Down,” does not fall short, with a slower tempo and a tad more emphasis on lyrics, this song is striking from the moment you hit play.

With so much going for them already, it’ll be interesting to see where the music takes Goldsmoke in the future. For all you electronic and soul fans out there, these guys are for you.

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One may think that within the realm of hip-hop a song about a trap queen wouldn’t be anything new. Well, to anyone who thinks that, CINDË is here to prove you wrong.

Her first single, “Trap Queen” was released November 28, 2017, and is amazingly powerful. Taking the point of view of a woman who has found herself with such a title under less than pleasant circumstances, this track gives a face and a personality to all the “trap queens” of mainstream music. With this song there’s a reason, there’s a struggle, and there’s a conscience, all tied together with CINDË’s stunning vocals.

“Trap Queen” doesn’t bother hiding the moral of the story under layers of metaphor, the lesson is there and it wants to be heard.

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