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Review: The Flux Machine Kills It In New “Revolution” Music Video

The revolution is here.

The Flux Machine, are gearing up for a revolution.

New York based rock band, The Flux Machine, are bringing the hype with a new video for their hit single, “Revolution.”

The video itself manages to be aesthetically simple and fun, while still being visually jarring enough to carry the weight of a song like “Revolution.” The ample use of trippy, high-contrast effects captures the attention of anyone watching as the band give it their all in black and white. Split-screen edits and an abundance of image overlay adds a layer of chaos that compliments the anarchistic nature of the song perfectly.

The song itself is both fun and impactful, huge plusses given the current political climate. Gone are the days where being aloof and detached was seen as cool. Today it’s all about fighting for what you care about, and that’s exactly the message The Flux Machine is looking to convey with this song. They care, and they want you to care too.

Revolution is such a cornerstone of rock n’ roll, it’d be a disservice not to keep the spirit alive. A heart-thumping beat, shredding guitar, and vocals that practically demand you stand up and sing along all make this the perfect track to rally to.

“Revolution” was the first single to be dropped off of the band’s newest album, Hurricane, which is a good time all the way through. Be it with their undeniably catchy tunes, or their captivating video aesthetic, The Flux Machine never fails to entertain.

Rating: 4/5


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