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Review: Kyle Lionhart’s Beautifully Stirring “Sweet Girl” Music Video

Kyle Lionhart’s music inspires emotion like no other.

Kyle Lionhart is an Australian singer/songwriter who really puts himself into his songs. The neo-folk/soul singer has a way with sound that makes each and every track sound like a warm hug, and that is certainly true for the aptly named “Sweet Girl.”

Released May 3, 2017, Lionhart’s “Sweet Girl” video is the perfectly visual accompaniment for the heartfelt tune.

The song itself has an air of sincerity about it, as well as an underlying passion that makes each and every note electric in nature. Lionhart sings of a “sweet girl” he’s been loving for many years, accounting for the passing time and how it affected them both. It becomes evident through the lyrics that the girl he loves so much is in fact his daughter, who is implied to have either passed away at a young age, or had became estranged as she grew up.

Stylistically the song is soft, mellow, and absolutely enticing. The calm guitar and Lionhart’s smooth vocals enthrall listeners and soothes their minds despite the sorrowful turn the song makes. Not overdone or super flowery in language, “Sweet Girl” tells a story that could stir emotions in even the most jaded individual.

Stylistically, the video complements the track perfectly. Black and white shots of Lionhart performing the song to a captivated crowd, while the occasional jump cut showcases a spectator really connecting with emotion evident in their eyes.

The intermittent clips of Lionhart not on stage, be it outside or mentally preparing for the show, add another level of intimacy. Viewers get a peek at the man away from the spotlight. Still though, in that spotlight is where his message really shines.

“Sweet Girl” is lovely in its simplicity and genuine nature. It’s clear a lot of thought went into both the song itself and the video, and the care really shows. It’s the sentiment that makes this song so magical, and here it was captured perfectly.

Rating: 4/5

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