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Philadelphia Eagles privately fear that Carson Wentz is done for 2017

Wounded Bird

Carson Wentz is facing the first serious challenge of his career.

The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl dreams could potentially turn into a nightmare.

During the third quarter of their 43-35 win over the Los Angeles Rams, quarterback Carson Wentz took a brutal shot to his knee from Mark Barron as he rushed towards the goaline.

Wentz went on to throw a touchdown during that same drive and excited the game shortly thereafter.

According to, the Eagles fear that their franchise quarterback may be done for the season with a torn ACL.

After the game, Eagles coach Doug Pederson refused to speculate publicly on the severity of the injury while pointing to other players on his roster.

“I don’t know anything yet until we evaluate him fully tomorrow,” Pederson said.

“You’re speculating that he’s going to be out. So until I know more tomorrow on him, it’s hard to say. But listen, there’s a lot of leaders on that football team right now. And you saw it tonight.”

Ian Rapoport is the media source for the Eagles private feelings on Wentz’s season coming to a premature end.

b_11_3_1g-300x266ACL injuries are not a joke and if that is indeed the diagnosis, the prognosis does not look for his involvement in the Eagles’ playoff run.

After locking up the NFC East title on Sunday, Philadelphia has earned a spot in the postseason.

How far can journeyman quarterback Nick Foles take them?

If history is any indicator, not very far.

The faithful will point to Foles’ strong showing on Sunday as a ray of light.

But to go with the tight spirals squeezed into small windows were a few poorly thrown balls that nearly resulted in turnovers.

Figure in the fact that Foles has a habit of jumping off the screen in limited play before ultimately deteriorating and the Eagles should be concerned.

Remember, they drafted Wentz for a reason.

After Monday’s MRI, the Eagles are expected to lay it all on the line.

And if this is a worst case scenario, Foles has dress rehearsals against the New York Giants, Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys before the playoffs commence.

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