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Review: Green Knuckle Material Drops Stellar New EP, Renaissance

Green Knuckle Material takes the best of both worlds.

img_2761Hailing from Bergen County, NJ, Green Knuckle Material is an up-and-coming rock/rap band with such great energy, it would be a disservice to not see them live at least once.

Consisting of Nick Garcia (Rap Vocals), Danny Kee (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Dan Ravenda (Bass, Vocals), Mike Digiulo (Guitar, Vocal), and Matt Dominno (Drums), Green Knuckle Material has clearly put a lot of time and effort into refining their style so it reflects them perfectly.

Their unique sound and positive vibes have earned them a SLEW of dedicated fans throughout the tristate area over the years, and after listening to their new EP, Renaissance, it’s easy to see what the hype is all about.

“Lullaby” kicks things off on a mellow note, with a soothing, rhythmic guitar and captivating vocals that put listeners into a warm, relaxed mood. This lull contrasts nicely with the catchy, energetic rap verse that soon follows. The ebb an flow created between these two contrasting styles adds a nice amount of variety without seeming disjointed.

“Soon As” jumps right into it with a funky bass line and a shot of pure energy that makes you want to get up and dance. The flow for the rap verses on this trap is phenomenal, not a beat is missed. “Soon As” is a lot of fun, and a great song to listen to when in need of an audial adrenaline rush.

“Hole” has a real rock n’ roll edge to it, with a killer beat and wicked guitar that flows like electricity. This track works its way into the brain, much like the lyrics say they will. Add in some keys and you’ve got a song that won’t be losing its jam value any time soon.

“For The First Time” takes a more serious note as the tempo slows down and the lyrics get real. There’s a contemplative nature to this one, as the opening rap verse ponders the nature of a society where people are told to dream, only to have their aspirations shattered. As the melody kicks into high-gear the message becomes clear through the chorus. This song is all about appreciating the little things, and finding happiness in what one already has rather than always chasing tomorrows. Impactful and meaningful, “For The First Time” is really a great song that should not go overlooked.

The album ends with three clicks from a wind-up camera as the soft vocals of “Picture” roll in. A wonderful note to sign off on, this track combines a soft flow with a sultry brass section and vocals that put the mind at ease. This song is like the ocean, and even has a hint of an island vibe to it. The crescendo near the end adds a bit of intensity, but all in all this track maintains its chill nature through to the end.

Renaissance truly showcases GKM’s growth as a band, with an ever-maturing sound that doesn’t forgo any of the fun that makes their sound personal to them. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for these guys. Definitely a band worth checking out.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: Renaissance by Green Knuckle Material

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