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Salute Spotlight: 7 Indie Artists Worth Hearing

Ears To The Streets

When it comes to independent artists it can be difficult for music-lovers to find the acts that resonate with them, especially when the vastness of the indie scene is taken into account. All too often amazing artists to go completely unnoticed by so many individuals who would absolutely love them. That’s why Salute Spotlight actively looks to publish a list of 7 acts amazing indie acts every week, to make things a little easier for everyone.

Covering every genre, from rap to rock and everything in between, Salute Spotlight will feature new indie artists every week for your listening pleasure.

bobbi-lewis-press-01-257Bobbi Lewis

With an ever growing appreciation for music from an early age, it was only natural for Bobbi Lewis to pursue a career in it. The story began with his parents’ records and a solo in his school choir.

His unique sound combines elements of R&B, hip-hop and reggae, the genre that inspired him growing up. Catchy beats, smooth vocals, and a subtle island vibe are only a few of the elements that make his music so addictive.

His fun, warm style has been attracting him a lot of attention over the years, and rightfully so.

Rumor has it that he is currently working on his debut album, which is anticipated to be released sometime in 2018.

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stage-republic-04Stage Republic

Stage Republic is an Amsterdam based band who’s ready to take the music world by storm.

Their sound is reminiscent of eighties inspired pop with a contemporary edge. Easy to dance to and super fun, it’s hard not to appreciate these guys.

Their newest single, Frailty,  is absolutely hypnotic. Produced by Jay Messina (Aerosmith/Supertramp/KISS/Miles Davis), this track is all about opening up and letting people in help you, even if it’s hard. The strong chorus hit deep, while the mellow vibe adds a sense of peacefulness. Everything about this song practically demanding multiple listens, and is well worth checking out.

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Dozenz is the solo project of British-born songwriter and producer Saleh “Sol” Hamed.

With infectious energy permitting his songs, it’s hard not to get up and dance along. Playful, poetic lyrics, captivating rhythms, and catchy melodies mark his style and make his tunes unforgettable.

Hamed has quite the background in music from producing and songwriting to a past performing hip hop. After taking a decade long hiatus to focus on his personal life, he has finally returned to make music once again, and from the looks of things he’s got quite the career ahead of him.

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screen-shot-2017-12-02-at-1-38-42-amOlivia Frances

Cincinnati based singer/songwriter Olivia Frances is pop-folk artist with a sound to fall in love to. Her angelic voice and guitar skills make each and every song a treat. and with an impressive arsenal of tracks under her belt, it’s clear she takes her passion very seriously.

Her latest single, “Moon to My Sun” really showcases her vocal skills, with a beautiful, serene melody that makes the heart flutter. The poetic love song has a beautifully simple sentiment that makes it feel so genuine. There are no frills or unnecessary inclusions. Just one enchanting track to listen to over and over again.

Her sunny disposition and lovely sound has amassed her quite a number of fans, who endearingly go by the title “Frances Friends.”

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edit1Oliver Asadi

Oliver ‘King Lion’ Asadi has one wild sound it’s hard to get enough of.

The Leeds-based artist has really worked to personalize his sound, combining elements of old eastern ethnic instrumentation with hip hop flair that creates a raw, “chaotic” atmosphere that’s all too fun.

“In My Jungle is basically the anthem for my live shows,” says Asadi. “I also feel it tells a story of how I’ve become who I am.”

His debut EP, UNTAMED, was released back in November, and really give an in-depth feel of what Asadi has to offer as a creator.

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avatars-000323268809-qvrfvi-t300x300Too Many T’s

Too Many T’s is a London based rap duo consisting of friends and creative counterparts, Ross Standaloft and Leon Rhymes.

Their unique vibe and high-energy tracks practically guarantee a good time. These guys know how to have fun, and it really reflects through their sound. Their latest single, “Neighbors” features one serious flow, a catchy beat, and a rhythm with a slight indie rock edge for flare. It also happens to have one seriously entertaining music video.

It’s hard not to get hyped while listening to these guys. We seriously can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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augustlights-7August Brodie

August Brodie is and up-and-coming singer from Toronto, Canada, with a sound  that should not go overlooked. His sound consists of a mesh of R&B, soul, and electro-pop that is uniquely addictive.

His latest single, “How Could You,” features a solid beat, emotional vocals, and an all around great vibe. The ambience created by this track is electric, though subtly sorrowful, much like the topic of the song itself.

This is a song about a love not only lost, but seemingly erased from the mind of one who once cherished it. That kind of dismissal can only be devastating to the other party involved. It’s not an easy subject to face head-on, but Brodie manages to pull it off in a stunning fashion, making the song that much more relatable.

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