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Broncos-Colts Week 15 TNF: Should I Watch the Thing?

If last week’s Thursday Night Football game was a bang, this week’s is a whimper.

Welcome to the final edition of Should I Watch the Thing? for 2017. The NFL is eschewing TNF for the final two weeks of the season, so this is the last game of its kind this season. The Indianapolis Colts will host the Denver Broncos later on tonight. Be prepared for the Madden Cam.

Playoff implications: sorry, this category cannot be found. These two are at the bottom of the AFC and are really only jockeying for draft position. At 3-10, the Colts are a game “ahead” of the 4-9 Broncos in that regard.

0 points out of 3

Division rivalry/past history: not a division matchup. There’s a decent amount of history between the Broncos and Colts though, especially as Peyton Manning led teams. The Broncos won handily in last season’s matchup, but the series is equal at 13 wins each.

0.5 points out of 2 (0.5 out of 5 points total)

Team quality and offensive showcase potential: nothing much to write home about. Amazingly, the Broncos are still the best statistical defense in the league, which gives them a leg up on the Colts 31st ranked offense. Indy isn’t much better on defense; they’re 30th overall, though the Broncos offense is pretty mediocre at 21st. The quarterback matchup says it all in this one: Jacoby Brissett vs. Trevor Siemian.

Team quality: 0.5 points out of 2

Offensive showcase potential: 0 points out of 2 (1 out of 9 points total)

Must-see players/record watch: only player worth tracking in the record watch area is Frank Gore, who is chasing Curtis Martin for 4th in all-time rushing yards. He can also move ahead of Tony Dorsett and tie Ricky Watters for 21st in career rushing touchdowns.

As always, Von Miller is always worth checking in on. He’s been brilliant this season. Colts left tackle Anthony Castonzo could draw some looks against Miller; Castonzo is actually the highest active player in Pro Football Focus’ tackle rankings.

1 point out of 1 (2 out of 10 points total)

Yeah, that’s a dismal score. Really, the only reason to tune in is if you’re a hardcore fan of either team, or you want to check out NBC’s Skycam. Otherwise, it’s definitely a game worth skipping. Go see the new Star Wars if you want. No spoilers though.

Thanks for reading Should I Watch the Thing? for the last two months or so, everybody. They were a lot of fun to write, and I’m glad people got some enjoyment out of them. We’ll see if it returns in 2018 or not.

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