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WATCH: MGMT Take A Tripped Out Look At “When You Die”

New Music Video

MGMT are back with a terrifyingly tripped out new music video which tells the story of an amateur magician whose act is cut short when a light fixture falls and hits him in the head. Hence the title of their latest single, “When You Die,” from their forthcoming album, Little Dark Age.

“When You Die” is much more in the realm of indie rock, with a bittersweet melody that you might expect to hear on a track from The Shins or The Flaming Lips, mixed in with some psychedelic sound and imagery and a creepy Pink Floyd-like laughter track. It is vastly different from their previous single, “Little Dark Age,” which took on a much more apparent ’80s new wave feel, and much more unsettling to watch.

The music video was directed by Mike Burakoff & Hallie Cooper-Novack and stars Alex Karpovsky (Girls and Inside Llewyn Davis) and Lucy Kaminsky (Please Be Normal).


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