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Review: Asking Alexandria’s New Self-Titled Album is Absolute Fire

Asking Alexandria rise to the occasion on their new, self-titled album.

askingalexandriaselftitledcdAsking Alexandria is a name everyone should be familiar with at this point. Hailing from North Yorkshire, the heavy metal powerhouse consists of Danny Worsnop (vocals), Ben Bruce (guitar) and Cameron Liddell (guitar), James Cassells (drums) and Sam Bettley (bass).

From their formation back in 2006 to now the group has turned out killer track after killer track, earning them a spot as one of the most listened to acts of a generation.

Their newest album, the self-titled Asking Alexandria, does not disappoint.

“Alone In A Room” leads in with a slow buildup before cranking up the intensity. The screaming guitar, heart-pounding rhythm, and passionate vocals all work together to bring this track to the next level. With such electric energy, it almost comes as a shock when one realizes the song itself is about introspection. A complete 180 from the usual mellow-meditation jams with the same theme, “Alone In A Room” takes the concept of taking time to work through personal struggles and adds a shot of adrenaline, in turn making the healing process feel more like an action rather than something that’s overcome internally.

“Into The Fire” was the first single dropped off of Asking Alexandria, and its name can only be described as fitting. The opening guitar smolders for just a moment before an inferno of vocals hits the listeners’ waiting eardrums. There’s an eerie tinge to the verses while the chorus is full of power. Resignation fueled by an unwavering drive to move forward may sound strange, but this song pulls it off perfectly.

The verses in “Where Did It Go?” are more subtle with an impressive flow. Poetic lyrics paint a vivid image for the listeners as yet another larger than life chorus rolls in. A perfect representation of that all too familiar moment when things just don’t go as planned, “Where Did It Go?” is catchy as it is heavy.

“Eve” is dripping with power and rage. Screaming vocals give listeners the chills while a head-banging beat permeates the soul. This song is about retribution, and there’s nowhere to hide.

The radio version of “Into The Fire” marks the end of the experience that is Asking Alexandria, and what an experience it is. Catchy, powerful tracks dripping with energy are a staple at this point, and while there are similarities amongst the tracks, each one is undeniably unique.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: Asking Alexandria by Asking Alexandria

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