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Review: Boosie Badazz spits the ugly truth on Boopac

Street Principles

Boosie Badazz is here to speak his truth.

Ultimately that is what matters when it come to expression.

boosie badazzOn Boopac regardless of how some may feel about the near absurdity of the title, Boosie sticks to his truth.

He and his people are well aware of the fact that his truth and his manner of doing things won’t get him those big ticket accolades.

Boosie’s not making music for the masses.

At this point he’s a counter-culture folk hero that fought the law and the law didn’t win to a certain degree.

His voice, his pain, his message, his delivery is as raw as a southern slaughterhouse and that will never change.

So when he and his team rip his enemies apart on “Real Shooter,” there are not a whole lot of questions to be asked about the validity of his intentions.

When Boosie details the depths that those around him have sunk to obtain crack on “Cocaine Fever,” it strikes something of a nerve.

By the time Boopac is over, it’s understood that something very authentic just came through the speakers.

Boopac is an exception to so many rules. This isn’t about good or bad. There isn’t a real case to even be made about how much ground it broke creatively.

That’s not what this man is striving for.

If any of the 24 songs on this massive set can help somebody get through their struggle then Boopac did what it came to do.

And that is what this record should be accessed by. Did it hit its intended mark?

The answer is a resounding yes.

That being said, it’s worth noting the progress that Boosie has made. His enunciation, cadence and overall songwriting have in fact evolved.

Tupac Shakur is a known influence of his and all of us that grew up in hip-hop, so while the content matches Boosie’s intentions, it takes the spotlight off of his truth.

Rating: 4/5

Stream:  Boosie Boopac

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