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Review: Jeezy lives up to the Pressure on new LP

The Evolution Continues

Jeezy wears his O.G. status well on Pressure.

Well over a decade after he dropped his major label debut, the Atlanta resident keys up his victory lap on the triumph on the opening track “Spyder.”

Jeezy pressureCourtesy of his trademark singable hook and braggadocios horns, “Spyder” stakes its claim as a highlight moment in a reel that is getting fatter by the release.

What makes Pressure a top five Jeezy release is his mastery of command.  “Cold Summer” featuring  Detroit’s Tee Grizzley rolls heavy with the streets yet “Respect” finds the southern veteran reflecting on his accomplishments and dispelling fake individuals that are consistently in his line of sight.

Pressure‘s ability to flip subject matter make it an enjoyable ride.  Jeezy has always picked strong beats so when he’s focused and locked in, his work shines.

The socio-political soul drama “American Dream” is the record’s centerpiece and with good reason.  Featuring J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, this is a moment that has been anticipated for what feels like eons.

By pushing it towards the end of the tracklist, Jeezy did Pressure a favor as anyone that takes the time to listen to the record as a complete work will appreciate other aspects of the work before they get to the homerun.

While not exactly furious, “American Dream” sprinkles in enough lyrical napalm to serve notice that a Cole/Lamar joint LP would work well.

Lamar plays clean up on “American Dream” while Cole comes through with the sickest verse. With it being a Jeezy record his hook is the glue and his verse sets the stage for what is to follow.

Great care was placed into the song to ensure that it lived up to the billing.

The A-town sticks together on “Floor Seats” which imports 2 Chainz.  The minimal soundscape props up the slick talk and its Pressure’s most light-hearted moment.

Eight studio albums in, Jeezy makes a strong case for the fact that he’s the most consistent artist in hip-hop.

Rating: 4.5/5

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