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Steve Madden Collaborates With Cardi B In Hilarious Campaign

Shoes That Are Cardi B Approved

Rapper Cardi B seems to be everywhere lately. She immediately shattered records with her breakout single “Bodak Yellow,” which made her the second female rapper with no featured artists to hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Cardi’s Instagram account has also garnered a lot of attention with her boisterous, over the top videos in which she discusses everything from little girls dressing up as her for Halloween to her favorite Timberland boots.

Photo from Steve Madden

Photo from Steve Madden

Steve Madden has definitely taken notice of Cardi’s social media presence, as the two have teamed up to create a collection of shoes.

Photo from Steve Madden

Photo from Steve Madden

The rapper commented on the collaboration saying, “I’m so excited to be collaborating with one of my all-time favorite shoe designers! As a little girl I would die for a pair of Steve Madden shoes, now I’m working with him! It’s really a dream come true.”

Perhaps the most genius marketing tactic, and the aspect of the collaboration that deserves most of our attention, is the series of videos Steve Madden filmed with Cardi B. The videos are entitled “Daily Tips With Cardi B” and feature her modeling shoes while giving hilarious fashion tips to viewers.

Photo from Steve Madden

Photo from Steve Madden

In one video, Cardi B wears skin tight jeans, a low-cut blouse, and pointy toed heels. She gives her advice for business appropriate attire saying, “Every woman needs to have a pointy shoe. Alright, if I button this shirt, I can go to a business meeting but I could go to the club.”

Each video shows off Cardi B’s outspoken personality perfectly and uses humor and playfulness to capture the audience’s attention…and perhaps their wallets as well.

You can check out the entire collection on Steve Madden’s website, here.

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