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Watch: Thunder vs. 76’ers Triple OT

The Oklahoma City Thunder fought hard for their win against the Philadelphia 76’ers; the game went into triple overtime.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been on a mad 3 game winning streak. On Friday night they faced the Philadelphia 76’ers in a match that was an unexpectedly hard fought.

The two teams are now tied for wins and losses at 14-14. The game was close all the way through, some insane plays being made, but in the end, it took the game going into triple overtime for the Thunder to pull ahead finally.

Russell Westbrook was once again the biggest player in the game scoring twenty-seven points, eighteen rebounds, and fifteen assists. To top off the night, Westbrook scored a triple-double to clinch the game at 119-117.

The Oklahoma City Thunder go on to face the New York Knicks Saturday, December 16th at 7:30 EST  in Madison Square Garden.

Watch: Russell Westbrook Scores Triple Double in Triple OT

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