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Review: DiRTY RADiO Drops Hot New Single, “Turn My Body Up”


DiRTY RADiO are masters at setting the mood.

screen-shot-2017-12-17-at-7-16-00-pmFrom behind the scenes to center-stage, Vancouver based duo DiRTY RADiO is taking the music scene by storm.

The group originally got its start back in 2010 as a production trio. However, as time went on DiRTY RADiO would come to take the form it has today. The electronic duo is now comprised of Shadi and Waspy, two artists with drastically different musical upbringings, and one passion that ties them together.

An interesting pair indeed, Shadi has a background studying jazz and playing soul and R&B. Waspy, on the other hand, made his way into the music world as a drummer for various punk and metal bands. This eclectic combination of skills and experiences allows the two friends to craft some seriously unique songs, built from the bottom up with Waspy’s sick beats and Shadi’s hypnotic melodies.

The resulting sound is an addictive mesh of progressive soul, R&B and electronic music that’s guaranteed to bring any party to life.

Their newest single, “Turn My Body Up,” dropped December 14, 2017, and it is intense. Super catchy, and easy to dance to, this track has that “go all night” kind of vibe that can gets the blood pumping in an instant. There’s a certain groove to it that makes you want to listen over and over again, and with just the right amount of sex appeal to boot. The vocals are unbelievable smooth, and the rhythm is on another level all together. In order to truly be understood, this song has to be heard,

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, 2018 holds even more exciting news for these guys. After sharing the stage with big names such as Dragonette, Funk Hunters, Miami Horror, k-os and Lights for years, DiRTY RADiO has set out to plan their own European and US tours. No dates have been announced yet, but it promises to be a grand time.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: “Turn My Body Up” by DiRTY RADiO

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