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Review: Footwerk Gets Real in New Video for “Finer Things ft. Trevor Young”

Footwerk wants to know, is “being out of someone’s league” really a thing?

Based in Washington, DC, Footwerk is an indie pop band with some serious personality. The group recently dropped the music video for their song, “Finer Things ft. Trevor Young,” and there is so much to cover.

“Finer Things” questions the concept of being “out of someone’s league,” or vice versa, someone else being out of your league. The song is about a man pining after a girl who is, to put it lightly, a little materialistic. She wants the “finer things in life,” and he feels that he can’t provide all that she needs. The  catchy, high-energy melody and Trevor Young’s passionate vocals bring “Finer Things” to a new level, almost too good for a love interest as shallow as the subject. Therein lies the irony, that is only further mapped out by the video.

The “Finer Things” video is funny, with a few unexpected turns to keep views on their toes. At first it almost seems counterintuitive to the message of the song, showcasing the guys in a luxurious setting as they post their apparent good fortune on social media to attract the attention of the high-maintenance girls they want. It seems odd that despite the show of opulence they continue to sing of girls who are “out of their league.” They look like they have it made. For a moment it seems like they may get their way too, as the girls in question immediately head over once they see the shiny cars and posh setting. However, once there the girls are more interested in the luxury around them than the guys themselves, even treating their suiters as annoyances rather than hosts. At this point the message is clear: love cannot be built around objects. There is no such thing as “being out of someone’s league,” not when it comes to true love.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s revealed at the end of the video that the mansion the video took place in didn’t even belong to the two guys to begin with, rather a very upset older man they were possibly housesitting for.

Rating: 4/5

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