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Review: Cassie seduces new single Don’t Play It Safe

Sultry Seductress Returns

It’s been three years since R&B singer, Cassie released her last album Dope ‘n Diamonds.

CassieRecently however she made a quiet come back with a single called “Love a Loser” collaborating with rapper, G-Eazy back in August.

Unfortunately fans weren’t impressed as it wasn’t the best come back song for Cassie, and she yet again fell back under the radar promising a new album in the works to come soon.

Staying busy in the studio alongside  songwriters Khalid, Jeremih, and DJ Kaytranda they manged to stir up four songs to get Cassie back into the scene the proper way.
Unleashing this week, the first song on the list was released as the second new single ‘Don’t Play It Safe’ off Cassie’s upcoming sophomore album and said to be a follow-up to her song with G-Eazy telling a story of the up and downs in a relationship.

The single quickly became her best track in nearly half a decade creating the perfect blend of  that sensual somber tone that was greatly missed, mixed with Kaytranada’s signature sound.

 “Kay and I have been working on this project for a while now,” Cassie said in a press release. “I look forward to everyone hearing what we have in store. He just gets me.”

 The mid-tempo R&B song brings back that same familiarity we are used to as we reminisce back to her first debut single in 2006 “Me & U,” yet much more seductive in tone, and a delight in its tension.  The song which opens up low yet intense really sets the mood for a romantic backdrop to  her own love story through each word spoken, which is perfect for Cassie’s  exquisite voice.

 It’s definitely bringing back the nostalgia of the old Cassie that we all came to adore in the R&B world, and this time around she did not disappoint.  We only hope that the release of these singles are leading  up to the next album that we can look forward to as we enter into the new year.

Stream: Cassie “Don’t Play It Safe”

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