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Review: Gucci Mane hits his stride on El Gato: The Human Glacier

Street Serenades

Gucci Mane twisted his wit and street smarts into one experience.

 El Gato: The Human Glacier is billed as a street album but it ranks amongst his most endearing work yet.

Gucci ManeGucci is the kind of dude that shines when the polish of radio singles don’t get it in the way of his agenda.

Produced by Southside (Future), the collection is a cohesive walk through some pretty nefarious shit.  There is a theory in hip-hop that working with the same producer for an entire album/tape will breed a repetitive experience.

When applied correctly, that theory could not be more wrong. Southside has a vibe that runs through all of his beats, but it’s pretty obvious that he set aside certain records to work together just for this collection.

He flips those 808s but he also shuffles his patterns around the instrumentation that he chooses to use on each track.

On “TYT” which is a semi-ode to Michael Jackson’s “PYT” without the sample, the track bangs with a lighthearted flair as Gucci serenades a ‘thick young tender.’

“Rich Ass Junkie” sets the tone with a twist on the played out saga of How To Serve A Dope Fiend. In this chapter, Gucci mixes mixes things up by bringing his family into the mix as well as users that have plenty of money to support their habit.

Not everyone that has a substance abuse issue is Gator Purify.

The only downside is the album cover which may or may not have even been Gucci’s doing.  Let’s move on…

El Gato: The Human Glacier finds Gucci Mane at his best as he redefines his style. In the past he’s been either really street or damn near too comical as he ran through ad-lib after ad-lib.

Now, he’s found a way to talk his shit without allowing one section of his arsenal to overshadow the other.

That could partially be because this one was helmed by one singular producer who saw the process through from beginning to end.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: Gucci Mane El Gato: The Human Glacier

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